Green Bunker St. Pauli: Last stairs for the mountain path installed

Millimeter work on another milestone on the way to the Green Bunker St. Pauli: Two concrete stairs, each weighing 13.5t, were assembled this week with two truck-mounted cranes. The last two pieces of the puzzle now connect the lower with the upper mountain path. This means that the total 560-meter-long mountain path, which will later lead visitors across the bunker’s exterior facades to the free public roof garden, is structurally complete.

However, before the path can be made accessible to visitors, it must first be planted. This is expected to take place from October. At the same time, further interior work is taking place in the World War II building, which has been extended upwards by 5 floors.

The last piece of the puzzle is assembled.

The planted mountain path will become an essential part of the experience of the Green Bunker St. Pauli and offers imposing panoramic views in all directions as it climbs. The climb, which weighs around 422 tons and is five meters wide, starts at ground level on the north side of the bunker and leads to Hamburg’s largest public roof garden at a height of 58 meters. For this, 24 steel support arms, each weighing around 5.5 tons, were fastened to the outer facade with several threaded rods, each two to three meters long. The ground foundation of the later path is formed, among other things, by approx. 20 cm high prestressed concrete slabs with a further 24 cm high superstructure. On top of this, in turn, the substrate for the greening will be applied.

The mountain path is structurally complete, now it needs to be landscaped.

A total of 4,700 woody plants and 16,000 perennials will be planted on the bunker, and around 10,000 square meters of green and communal areas will be created. The St. Pauli bunker is thus considered an international beacon project for climate adaptation. In addition to this new public natural oasis and the hall for sports and cultural events, the bunker will for the first time receive a memorial and information site for the victims of the Nazi regime and World War II. In addition, there will be spaces for district culture, exhibition areas, accommodation for scholarship holders and artists, and a “Reverb by Hard Rock Hotel”. Completion of the entire project is planned for the coming months.

The path to Hamburg’s highest public city garden is 560 meters long.

TV tip: An up-to-date look at the bunker planting is shown in the half-hour NDR report “Park in den Wolken”.,sendung1288302.html

(Text/Photo: Frank Schulze Kommunikation)