Hamburg’s highest city garden: final height of 58 meters reached

Since mid-2019, the St. Pauli bunker has been extended by five pyramid-shaped floors, and now the top ceiling has been concreted and the final height of the extension of around 58 meters has been reached.

The imposing supporting structure weighs a total of around 33,500 tons – equivalent to the weight of 60 fully loaded Airbus A380s. The load transfer of the extension is carried out exclusively via 16 massive Geilinger columns on the up to 4.5 m thick outer bunker walls. In the new year – depending on the worldwide supply difficulties and the shortage of building materials – the first steps of the greening are to be started.

In 2022, a hotel (operated by the Hamburg-based company RIMC), several restaurants and a three-field hall for cultural events and school sports will also be built. The hall will be used by the Struensee High School, among others. There are also rooms for district culture, exhibition spaces and accommodation for scholarship holders and artists. For the first time, there will be a memorial and information site for the victims of the Nazi regime and the Second World War in the former control center and other areas.

Of course, the spectacular public roof garden will be particularly eye-catching: more than 7,600 square meters of green and communal areas will be created above the roofs of Hamburg, designed by Hamburger Landschaftsarchitektur+ Holzapfel-Herziger & Benesch PartG mbH. In addition, 1,400 square meters of facade area will be greened.

Work has already begun on the “mountain path”, which will also be planted later – another very important milestone on the way to the “green bunker”. The 300-meter-long and five-meter-wide path begins at ground level at today’s main entrance and leads along the bunker’s exterior facades up to the roof garden. Here, Hamburg residents and their visitors will be able to enjoy a wide panoramic view of the Elphi, the Michel and the harbor. Half of the 24 steel support arms required have already been installed. Each of the steel support arms weighs around 5.5 tons and is fastened to the outer facade with several threaded rods, each two to three meters long. The ground foundation of the future path is formed by approximately 20 cm high prestressed concrete slabs with an additional 24 cm high superstructure. The substrate for the planting will be placed on top of this.

In addition to the planted mountain path, visitors can reach the Stadtgarten via the two newly constructed outdoor elevators and a new staircase on the east side of the building. Free access is barrier-free.

Text/Photo: Frank Schulze Kommunikation