“Day of Architecture”: Visitors Impressed by Elevated Building

Finally: Falling Corona numbers made guided tours on the roof of the Bunker St. Pauli possible again for a long time.

Last weekend, a total of 40 people from Hamburg took advantage of the “Architecture and Engineering Day” to explore the current elevation work for the first time. At a height of around 50 meters, a bit of pioneering spirit hovered over the Hanseatic city.


For most of them, the ride in a robust and airy working elevator is a first. Piece by piece, the participants jerk upward along the gray bunker facade. Here, on the so-called level zero, which is the previous ceiling of the existing bunker, the first thing that overwhelms them is the impressive panoramic view of the Michel, the harbor and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. The visitors enthusiastically take pictures and film extensively in all four directions.

Then the responsible project manager and managing director of the architectural office “phase 10” from Freiberg illustrates the special features of the spectacular bunker extension. Using a small 3-D model, Ronny Erfurt explains the challenges of the construction and the overall project: Since summer 2019, the bunker St. Pauli grows upwards by five pyramid-like new floors and creates space for an impressive public natural oasis. In addition, cultural areas for district initiatives, a hall, a hotel and a place of thought and information are being created, among other things. The old gun emplacements and ammunition chambers still bear witness to the past of “Flak Bunker IV” today.

The staircase inside the extension leads up to the other new levels. The visitors are impressed when Ronny Erfurt leads them to the interior event and sports hall. A highlight of the hall is the ultra-modern glass floor, which will later offer the greatest possible flexibility of use. Countless LED lights can display different playing fields for handball, basketball or volleyball when completed. While schools such as the Struensee High School will use the hall for school sports during the day, concerts, theater performances or readings will take place in the evening. The hall will be enclosed by a surrounding gallery, and the large windows will provide a breathtaking view to the south of the Elbe, the docks and the mighty container ships in the harbor. Another special design feature: the innovative “box-in-box” system, which serves as noise protection and guarantees future hotel guests quiet nights even during concerts. Window fitters have already installed a whole series of windows, and in the coming weeks other tradesmen will be working on the interior fittings. In view of the impressive dimensions of the building, the participants are amazed at how far the work has already progressed.

Ronny Erfurt finally leads the enthusiastic guests back towards the construction elevator via a steel scaffolding staircase. Everyone is fascinated by the unique district project. Not surprisingly, therefore, after the tour ends, one wish is always charmingly expressed: “When will we receive our invitation to the opening ceremony…?”

Text/Photo: Frank Schulze Kommunikation