High demand for school sports facilities in Hamburg

With the addition of a new floor to the St. Pauli bunker, Hamburg 2021 will not only have a public city garden, but also a new sports and events hall. While a multi-faceted cultural program is planned for the evening, the newly built hall will be used for school sports during the day.

New space will be almost essential for the district’s schools in the future. This is because the demand for school sports capacity is growing rapidly, as the Hamburg Senate announced at the beginning of this year: by 2030, the number of pupils in Hamburg is expected to increase by an estimated 25 percent, and 44 new schools are to be built.

After completion in 2021, the hall in the St. Pauli bunker extension will then be used by the Struensee Gymnasium, among others. It is currently temporarily relocated to Wohlwillstraße. Klaus Grab from the Altona and Eimsbüttel school development planning department confirms the strong growth in demand: “After completion of the new building in Altona-Altstadt, Struensee Gymnasium will move back to its original location. The school development plan envisages the establishment of a permanent secondary school for the Wohlwillstraße site in the medium term. Since this will also have to grow up first, the need for sports halls will then grow up annually.”

In addition, Klaus Grab considers the long-term increase in Hamburg’s population to be of great importance: „I see a lasting demand situation where the convenient location will be a good argument for the hall on the bunker. Thus, the hall on the bunker will be an attractive mosaic stone in the needed offer of movement activities.

Five pyramid-shaped floors are currently being added to the impressive high-rise bunker in the heart of the Hanseatic city. The visual highlight of the pioneering landscape architecture project is the spectacular roof garden, which is probably unique in the whole of Germany: with a fantastic panoramic view over Hamburg, in line of sight with the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, with a planted “mountain path” that winds its way upwards along the outside of the bunker. In addition to this new public natural oasis and the hall for sports and cultural events, the bunker will for the first time receive a memorial and information site for the victims of the Nazi regime and World War II. In addition, rooms for district culture, exhibition spaces, accommodations for scholarship holders and artists, and a hotel are being built. The “nhow Hamburg” will include 136 rooms, as well as a bar, coffee shop and restaurant, among other things.

“Attractive mosaic stone” – schools will use the bunker extension for physical education classes
(Credit: Frank Schulze)