“Our employees’ health comes first”

The shock is deep-seated, the corona virus paralyses public life. The development also does not stop at the construction industry.

Like everyone else, the Corona drama presents us with new challenges every day. But even in the general exceptional situation, we try to continue “normal operations” on the construction site as best we can under difficult conditions.

The health of our employees and all those involved is our top priority. We consider the requirements and recommendations of the authorities and medical practitioners to be absolutely sensible. Yes, the situation is serious. And therefore we fully support the regulations in the fight against the virus.

As a builder, we do everything we can to provide the best possible protection for our employees and partner companies. That is why we have taken additional precautions of our own. At the same time, we are working flat out to complete our joint project as close as possible to the schedule. The preparatory work on Level 0 is almost done, and the next step will be to build the first level of the extension. Hopefully this can happen in the next few weeks.

Nobody can currently predict what consequences the massive restrictions will have for the construction industry as a whole. One thing seems to be clear: As in almost all economic sectors, building material producers, logistics companies and handicraft enterprises are also threatened with adverse effects. Due to the daily increasing number of infections and suspected cases, staff shortages can occur everywhere. In addition, supply chains are disrupted and the current European border closures are partly delaying the EU-wide transport of important building materials. 

Even if many things seem uncertain in the crisis, we are convinced that we can all grow from it and believe in the power of solidarity and public spirit. Let’s be considerate. Let’s keep our distance. And let us help the elderly and the weak. Please.

Photocredit: phase 10 ing + plan gmbh
The preparations are almost done. In the coming weeks the first level of the increase will be created.